Fox Anchor Reveals She Has No Fingerprints


Fox News Anchor Gretchen Carlson, host of Real Story told viewers that that she recently learned she didn’t have fingerprints.

It appears that after assembling Carlson and sending her out into the world, Fox News Boss forgot to add fingerprints to his Carlson creation. Ok...we're kidding...maybe.

Carlson said that she was at the airport applying for an expedited travel security program, Carlson had to give her fingerprints. But the technology the agency was using to take them wouldn’t pick up a print.

According to Carlson, on a scale from 1 to 20, 20 being no fingerprint at all, her prints ranked in at 19.

“What happened to me?” Carlson asked.

The Blaze writes that Nurse practitioner Erin Tolbert explained to Carlson that there are many ways someone could lose or wear down their fingerprints. One option includes repeated use of fingers, Tolbert said, pointing to Carlson’s stack of papers. Another cause is medications, like chemotherapy.

Fox News’ Clayton Morris told Carlson he thinks scanning technology needs to be that much better to work with these more worn down fingerprints.

“The iPhone 5S is probably the best implementation of this technology yet,” Morris said.

In the mean time, Carlson joked about the benefit of her poor fingerprint quality.

“I told the woman, ‘oh, I can become a burglar now,’” she said, recalling what she told the airport agent.