You Be the Weatherman Game


Let's be honest, what kid doesn't like looking into the sky and telling the difference between a cirrus cloud and a stratus cloud?

Ok, so maybe not many kids do that, but soon they will be able to play weatherman on their phone. 

WGN in Chicago is launching its first ever game app called “Tom Skilling’s WGN Weather Challenge” for the smartphone. Oh Boy! Move over Grand Theft Auto 5.

In the game you jump in front of the Chroma Key wall and beat the hell out of pimps and Ho's. Oh wait, that's Grand Theft Auto 5 again. 

The WGN weather-themed game featuring chief meteorologist Tom Skilling will be available for FREE download through the Apple Store, December 19, and through Google Play (for the Android) by February 2014.  

This game app will also be the first in the country created for a local television news or weather personality.  WGN-TV partnered with Chicago creative design studio Cubicle Ninjas in developing the game.
The game app is designed as a race against the clock to keep Tom Skilling’s forecast going as long as possible.  A cartoon Tom begins his adventure in the WGN Weather Center.  When a user starts the game, Tom runs to his weather report green-screen in the WGN-TV studio to begin his battle with the weather elements.  The object of the game is to move Tom across the screen, avoiding bad weather (which will subtract from his forecast time) and collect good weather (which will add to his forecast time).  The game ends when Tom runs out of time.  Top-ranked players will be able to see their scores on a leaderboard page.  As part of the application, users can also access their local weather forecast via a link at the end of the game.

I don't know about you, but December 19th can't get here fast enough.