Should Consultant Refund St. Louis Station's Money?

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KSDK in St. Louis has made an interesting hire.

The station has hired Marv Danielski in the newly created position of vice president and station manager. The station says that Lynn Beall will continue as KSDK general manager.

Danielski was working as a consultant at Frank Magid before joining KSDK.

What makes it interesting was Danielski, in his role as a consultant, he had been working with KMOV (KSDK's competitor) on news strategy for quite some time.

In fact, he helped lead the latest news strategy meetings we had before the November ratings book.

So in other words, this guy has the KMOV playbook and is now working across the street as KSDK. 

It doesn't seem fair for a guy like this, that has been in many of the planning meetings at one station, to get hired by a competitor. 

This is something that could have stations rethinking their use of outside consultants. And if you ask us, Magid owes KMOV a refund.

Consultants should have language plans in their people's contracts that stops stuff like this from happening.

Just saying....