Man Arrested for Tweet


Proof that you better watch what you Tweet. 

A Palm Beach man was arrested after her sent a Tweet to a WPEC Anchor.

The Palm Beach Post reports that Martin Thomas Pierro was arrested on Friday and is facing a charge of intimidation through a written threat to kill or injure in connection with a Twitter message he sent to WPEC-Channel 12 news anchor John Discepolo in October.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Discepolo was corresponding with Pierro on Oct. 23 when he received the threatening message.

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 3.16.17 PM.png

Discepolo responded by writing: “Not something to joke about…not cool.”

The conversation ended with Pierro saying he was kidding. “Oh come on that’s an old school broadcasters joke. I was just poking fun at your “teases” for the nightly news,” he wrote.

Earlier on Oct. 23, Discepolo promoted that day’s afternoon newscast with a tweet: “cbs 12 wants to keep you and your money safe! So what does moving have to do with it? The new scam we uncovered…next at 5.

Pierro said in a phone interview with The Palm Beach Post that his tweet was meant to mock, not menace Discepolo and wasn’t supposed to be taken seriously.

“It was just a joke. Really. Now I’m facing criminal charges,” Pierro said.

Messages left for Discepolo at Channel 12 and his home were not returned.