Banished to the Noon


FTVLive has been telling you about the major Anchor shake ups going down at Fox owned WFLD in Chicago.  

The low rated station is blowing up their newscasts in both the mornings and night in an effort to try and get some kind of ratings. 

The station announced late last month that Jon Kelley and Melody Mendez will takeover anchoring the station's morning show “Good Day Chicago.”

We asked a the time what happens to current morning anchor Corey McPherrin?

Now we know the answer. 

 McPherrin is being banished to news hell......otherwise known as the Noon newscast. 

The station isn't talking (they never do) but it is likely that McPherrin will be on the Noon news until his contract is up and he will be quietly pushed out the door. 

For years, McPherrin was the popular Sports Anchor at CBS' WBBM in the Windy City. WFLD brought him in as a Sports Anchor and them moved him to News Anchor on the station's morning show. It's likely that he came in with a hefty contract. 

No way the station continues to pay him big bucks to anchor a Noon newscast. 

Stay tuned....