The Top 50 National TV News Hotties


It seems like the website Mediaite is getting wrapped up in the whole November Sweeps stunts. 

The site has come out with their 50 Sexiest in national TV News.

The site says that while this is certainly a list of physically beautiful people, remember, being sexy isn’t only about looks. It’s also about how they cover the news and in many cases, having something to say and not being afraid to say it.

The site wimped out by posting the newsies in alphabetical order.

The list includes people like Mika Brzezinski, Anderson Cooper, Tamron Hall, Megyn Kelly, Michelle Kosinski (pictured), Robin Meade (Of course) and Sanjay Gupta......WAIT! What?!

The list is 50 people! So pretty much anyone you can think of in national news is on the list. 

Except Wolf Blitzer. 

Sorry Wolf..... 

Here's the link.