The Today Show's Latest Sweeps Stunt


It has gotten to the point where the Today Show is so desperate to win ratings that they will go anywhere that can to get them. 

Even if that means going up Matt Lauer and Al Roker's butt.

This morning Lauer and Roker will undergone prostrate exams live on the air in an effort to get viewers. 

The Today Show has gone done this road (pardon the pun) before.

Back in March of 2000, almost 7 million people watched as then Today Anchor Katie Couric underwent a colonoscopy live on the air.

Now, the Today Show, out of original ideas for years is going back to the well (pardon the pun again) again when Lauer and Roker will get their prostates checked out live for all the viewers.

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 6.55.07 AM.png

Ahhhhhhh and who says ratings books don't bring out the best in TV?