Attorney General Says that DC Anchor Knew About Scheme


WUSA Anchor JC Hayward remains on "administrative leave" after being accused of her involvement in a scheme.

The Attorney General claims in court documents that Hayward served as a paid consultant for one of two companies involved in a scheme to divert millions of taxpayer dollars from Options Public Charter School.

Hayward's lawyer tried to get his client dismissed from the case claiming that "not only did not benefit financially from the alleged scheme but was entirely unaware of its existence.”

The AG says Hayward was involved and claims she knew.  

In the document, the D.C. Office of the Attorney General argues that Hayward should not be removed from a case that implicated former managers of Options in an alleged self-dealing scheme. A civil complaint filed in October said that the managers funneled at least $3 million to two for-profit companies they ran, and the complaint named Hayward as a defendant in her role as chairwoman of the school’s board of trustees.

Hayward declined to comment when reached by telephone Monday evening. “I really don’t want to respond to anything right now,” Hayward said.

Hayward’s lawyer, Jeffrey S. Jacobovitz, said prosecutors told him Hayward received “a negligible amount of money” from the company and that the payments were approved by lawyers.

Hayward's website which featured photographs of an Options board meeting she hosted at her home, has not been updated since Oct. 1. 

H/T Washington Post