Too Much Turness?


Deborah Turness has been at NBC as the new President of News since August. 

Now, the new boss is experiencing her first major sweeps period since coming to the Peacock. 

FTVLive decided to talk to NBC New staffers to get their take on how Turness tenure and how it's working out so far? 

NBC picked Turness, who comes to the States after a career in her native U.K. to lead the news division.  She is the first woman to hold that job.

Just about everyone that FTVLive talked to says that Turness is much more of a hands on manager than anyone in the past.  

But some complain that she is too hands on and needs to back off a bit. 

Turness can be found in the control room often when one of NBC's news programs are on the air. Sources tell FTVLive that she will often shout out instructions and some Producers feel like she is trying to do their job for them. 

Turness is also known to call Reporters while they are out covering a story. She'll tell the Reporter to make sure they cover a certain angle. 

"I've been here (at NBC) for a long time, I don't need her telling me how to do my job," said one NBC staffer to FTVLive. 

Some praise the fact that Turness is hands on, but even they say she goes too far.

"I like that she is involved, but at some point let us do the job we were hired to do," said another NBC News staffer speaking about Turness. 

While the NBC Boss maybe very active behind the scenes, to the viewer not much has changed.  

There has really been no big change in personnel or in news philosophy since she took over.  

But, many feel like the ship has been steadied with Turness in control. 

"Before it felt like we were just headed down, that isn't the case anymore," said a staffer that has been with NBC over a decade. 

So, while Turness may have steadied the ship, it still remains to be seen if she can pilot it back to the days when NBC was number 1 in news, morning and night. 

Stay tuned.....