Sex and Traffic

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NY1's  traffic reporter Jamie Shupak  has hre first book out and it’s steamier than a subway platform in July.

Shupak who's is engaged to TV Critic Brian Stelter book is called “Transit Girl.”

The novel is fictionalized account of a woman named Guiliana Layne, who spends her mornings in front of the camera for a scrappy-but-beloved local cable station and her nights navigating the city’s romantic minefield, one bedroom at a time.

“I don’t want to back myself into a corner and have you use only one part of a quote,” says Shupak, “but sex isn’t a bad thing.”

Guiliana, Shupak’s alter ego in the book, certainly agrees, and sleeps with one guy after another to put distance between herself and her ex-fiancé, who was cheating on her with his assistant. After Guiliana finds out, she moves out, leaving her engagement ring, and everything else, behind. Except their dog, Zelda. She dognaps Zelda.

When police track her down, the petite beauty tackles a cop.

“I turn back to the officer and jump on him like a linebacker sacking a quarterback,” Shupak writes. “Zelda barks furiously alongside us as I pound on his chest, screaming at the top of my lungs about how I’m not going to give her up …”

Guiliana is arrested and slides headlong into depression. The only cure, it turns out, is to have sex with someone who is not her ex-fiancé.

We're guessing that Brian is really hoping that it is a work of fiction. 

You can read more about her book in the NY Daily News