Axe Swings at HLN, Major Changes Happening (Updated)


Sources tell FTVLive that major layoffs have gone down at HLN.  

Word is that people are being called into meetings in two different rooms. The people in one room are keeping their job. People in the other room are being pink slipped.  

Word is that CNN Boss Jeff Zucker is moving all high-level editorial staff for CNN to New York.  

HLN is moving from a news channel to much more entertainment based.  

Albie Hecht is the head of HLN sent this memo to the staff:


Today, I’m announcing programming changes to HLN’s dayside line-up. Effective November 18, these changes serve as a principal step as we continue to re-position the brand.

HLN’s new 6 a.m.-12 midnight schedule is as follows:

6 a.m.-12 noon ET: Morning Express with Robin Meade
12 noon-1 p.m. ET: Showbiz Tonight (repeat from previous day)
1-5 p.m. ET: News Now
5-6 p.m. ET: What Would You Do?
6-7 p.m. ET: Showbiz Tonight (LIVE, 5th floor NY newsroom)
7-8 p.m. ET: Jane Velez-Mitchell
8-9 p.m. ET: Nancy Grace
9-10 p.m. ET: Dr. Drew On Call (M-Th, Mystery Detectives Fri)
10-11 p.m. ET: HLN After Dark (M-Th, Mystery Detectives Fri)
11 p.m.-12 midnight: Showbiz Tonight (6 p.m. replay)

The programming shift also includes new assignments for some of our talent. News Now will be anchored by a rotation of Mike Galanos, Susan Hendricks, Christi Paul and Lynn Berry. In the coming weeks, we’ll have additional announcements about other talent impacted by these changes.

While change is necessary to evolve HLN, it is also difficult. A handful of our family members will be impacted by today’s news. I know that I speak for all of us when I offer a heartfelt thank you and my sincere appreciation for their commitment.

In the six weeks since I’ve joined HLN, I’ve been continually impressed with your professionalism and passion. We have a real opportunity to grow the HLN brand; let’s get started.


UPDATE: Sources tell FTVLive that as much as 40% of the staff is gone from HLN. HLN shows Raising America and Evening Express have been canceled. Also we now hear that 'Now in America' is also being scrubbed from the schedule. 

Changes effective November 18th.