MSNBC Fires Alec Baldwin

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We said that hiring Alec Baldwin was a mistake for MSNBC and it appears that network finally figured that out as well.

The cable news network that admits they stink at covering news, fired Alec Baldwin moments before he quit.


Baldwin got word that MSNBC was going to can his ass, so pulling a George Costanza, he quit before he got fired.

Either way, he's gone from the network after doing only two shows. A career that was so short it would make AJ Clemente proud.  

MSNBC had suspended the Actor turned anchor after he lashed out at a photographer in Manhattan, allegedly calling him a “cocksucking fag.”

You can only hope that MSNBC has learned a lesson with Baldwin, but it's more than likely they haven't and will continue to hire non-news people to anchor news at the network that doesn't like to cover news.