Is Katie Couric Yahoo's Last Gasp?


Back in the infancy of the World Wide Web, Yahoo was THE site to go on the Internet.

A better way to put it, Yahoo was Google before there was a Google. 

But years of bad management and a bloated website that people quit using and Yahoo is now dying a slow death.

Yahoo's net income during the last year is down 68%, as the company continues to struggle to compete with online juggernauts Google and Facebook for eyeballs and advertising dollars.

oogle sits high atop the mountain and watches Yahoo drown in the river below.

Now, Yahoo is hoping that some big name hires will help put the one time search engine giant back on the map. Their latest next savior is Katie Couric.

Word broke last week that Couric was working on an exit agreement to leave ABC and go to the Internet company.

But will paying Couric millions of dollars pay off for Yahoo? It's unlikely.

First of all, Couric is on the high end of the demos that use the Internet. Some 23 year old kid isn't going to use Yahoo because they hired Katie Couric.

Couric is 56 years old and her biggest fans are basically her age or older. The only people left using Yahoo now-a-days are the old people that have been using it when it was relevant. 

So, in other words, Yahoo already has the's the younger demo they need to get to survive. 

There is no question that Katie Couric is going to get rich off her deal with Yahoo.

But, will hiring Couric help save the Internet company?

We highly doubt it.