Former Reporter Now a Psychic


When Reporters and Anchors leave TV news, the most likely job they go into is PR.

Former KSTP (Minneapolis) investigative reporter Lorraine Roe might be the first that left TV news to become a Psychic. 

Roe claims that her training as a Reporter has helped her in her new role. She says "I go to interview the other side and I come back, is how I operate".

She also claims to see dead people. When the Star Tribune asked her who the last dead person she saw?

"Someone’s father in a reading. It was on a radio station in Mankato. I did an interview in Mankato and her dead relative came in'' Roe said. 

She also claims that spirits tell her things that are unrepeatable. 

No word if she has talked to Walter Cronkite recently. 

Read the full interview at the Star Tribune.