And Another One is Gone at KNBC


Would the last anchor that gets pushed out at KNBC...please get the lights.

FTVLive has been telling you about the anchor purge that has been going on at the Left Coast NBC O&O. Alycia Lane was sent packing. Then as FTVLive FIRST told you, main anchor Lucy Noland was shown the door. We also FIRST told you that Robert Kovacik was being taken off the weekend anchor desk and being sent back to full time reporting.  

Now, word comes that Weekend morning Weather Anchor Carl Bell is gone from the station. His bio is still listed on the station's website and KNBC still has him listed on the weather roster, but he says he is not at KNBC anymore.

Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 7.01.48 PM.png

Anchors have been dropping like file and the station is making up stories as to why they are leaving.

Of course calling KNBC's PR person is nothing more than a total waste of time. We'll see how long it takes the station to pull Bell's bio from the website. Or will they continue to keep it there, even though he's gone from the station?

place your bets now.