Fired St. Louis Anchor Loses Another Round in Court


Fired KMOV Anchor Larry Connors attempt to return to St. Louis television has been thwarted again by the courts.

The St. Louis Post Dispatch says that on Wednesday, a St. Louis County Circuit Judge denied Conners' appeal of her Oct. 4 ruling on his non-compete clause.

In that ruling, the Judge removed the portion that banned Conners from working on a radio station for one year after he was fired from KMOV back in May. She kept in force the portion that prevents him from working on-air at a local television station.

On Wednesday, the Judge denied Conners' appeal, saying the court "finds that no further purposes would be served by additional findings of fact and conclusions of law."

Conners said he will continue to fight the ruling "because it's just wrong, according to the Missouri Supreme Court. I'm not going away." 

We can only hope that he will.