People that ask what's wrong with TV News now-a-days need to look no further than Action 4 News KGBT in Harlingen, Texas and their Reporter Brett Crandall.

Along with being a Reporter, Crandall also is the PR flack for the local Church of Latter-Day Saints.

Wearing his PR hat Crandall sent out this media release:


Then wearing his KGBT Reporter hat, Crandall covered the event. This is all kind of wrong and made more so when he never disclosed his relationship with the event.

Jim Romenesko reached out to Crandall and the station. Crandall hasn't responded, but KGBT News Director Kimberly Wyatt did. “I am unaware of much of the information listed below,” she wrote. “I will be looking into it.”

If Crandall isn't fired, Wyatt should be. 

It's that simple.