Sarah Palin Cancels Lauer Interview


Sarah Palin is taking her ball and going home.

As FTVLive told you, Palin was scheduled to do and interview with Matt Lauer and the Today Show. 

Not anymore.

Fox News says Palin has now canceled Lauer's scheduled trip to Wasilla, not because Palin is upset with Lauer or the "Today" show, but as a protest against NBC for not taking action against MSNBC's Martin Bashir.

Tim Crawford, treasurer of Palin's political action committee, had told NBC News President Deborah Turness and MSNBC President Phil Griffin that "Americans deserve to know that your network doesn't condone violent and hateful rhetoric." 

Bashir apologized to Palin and to viewers Monday for his comments, which he called "totally unacceptable." In response to a speech in which she likened the national debt to slavery, the onetime "Nightline" co-anchor said Palin should be subjected to an ancient slavery punishment in which someone would defecate and urinate in her mouth. 

MSNBC has not suspended Bashir, despite imposing a two-week suspension on another talk show host, actor Alec Baldwin, for hurling an anti-gay slur at a photographer outside his New York apartment. The network has had nothing to say publicly about Bashir's sliming of Palin.

If you ask FTVLive, Palin shouldn't have pulled out of the interview with Lauer.

If everyone stopped talking to NBC News because of some idiot on MSNBC said something stupid...there wouldn't be anyone left for NBC to talk to. 

As for not having to go to Alaska in December? We're thinking Lauer maybe OK with all of this. 

Of course when Palin wants some face time, she'll go crawling back to NBC begging for it.