OK... Here's a Marriage Proposal that Works

Everyone that reads FTVLive, knows how much I hate on air marriage proposals. It's a waste of the viewers time and it just does not belong in a newscast.

I'll agree to letting on air marriage proposals happen, when they start serving divorce papers in the middle of the newscast as well.

That would be must see TV.

People say because of my hatred of on air marriage proposals that I'm not a romantic. Well, those people are 100% right! But, I will prove that there is a least one proposal that I think was done well. And no it was not Kanye's staged proposal to Kim what's her name.

This proposal did not place on air or in a newsroom, it took place on the golf course.

Jarett Berman is a sports producer at WSVN in Miami. Berman popped the question to his girlfriend Kimberly over the weekend

It happened on the 14th hole of The Ocean Course as the sun was beginning to set, the ring had been hidden in the hole on the green.  He made sure she was putting out first, and then when she got the ring, Jarett walked Kimberly to the back of the green where golf balls spelled out “Marry Me Kim.”

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 8.45.04 AM.png

Berman dropped to a knee and was very nervous as he placed the ring on her finger.  

The staff at the Ocean Course did a great job helping him out and the good news is she said "yes." 

Otherwise it would have been a very awkward last 4 holes.

rops to Berman for a great marriage proposal and one that didn't waste newscast air time to do. 

Well played Jarett....

Let's go to the video: