Covering the Storms


Sunday was a big news day in the Midwest as Tornados popped up all over. From Illinois to Indiana, news crews were busy covering the server weather.

When the weather hits and coverage is on the fly, that's when the cream rises to the top in news coverage.

WLS the number of news station in Chicago was the stand out for coverage in the Windy City. The station seemed to have the most crews and stayed away from much of the repetition that dominates breaking weather coverage.

NBC O&O WMAQ and Tribune's WGN also were wall to wall with their coverage, but mainly relied on the smaller staff Weekend crews for their coverage.

In Indianapolis, WISH was the stand out. It was clear that the station had plans for something like this in place and the coverage was very well carried out and produced. 

It's when breaking news and server weather hit a market that you can tell which station are the news leaders, no doubt WLS and WISH are at the top of their game.