Heeeee's Baaaaaaack.....


Last time we heard from out of work Playboy Weatherman John Bolaris, he was saying that he was leaving Philly and putting it in his rearview mirror.

That was back in the Spring. 

So, color us surprised when we logged onto to Philly.com and saw that Bolaris had written a article for the website about the upcoming Winter weather for....yep you guessed it....Philadelphia. 

Bolaris put on his weatherman suit (which we hope he didn't poop in) and gave his outlook for the Winter in the City of Brotherly love. 

Bolaris says that "From my analysis, the winter of 2013-2014 is about to change dramatically. Not so much through the remainder of 2013, but the New Year will bring the onslaught of a wicked second half."

He adds that his estimated snow total for the winter of 2013-2014 in Philly is 30 to 40 inches.

Of course snow is a lot like sex for women...... you don't know how many inches your going to get, or how long it will last?

Just ask the Eastern European babes ....right John?