MSNBC Looks to Hire Sinatra's Love Child


MSNBC the cable news network that doesn't cover news or hire news people is close to a deal to hire Ronan Farrow.

Farrow has been in the news lately when his Mom Mia Farrow came out and said that Ronan might be the love child of Frank Sinatra.  

Page Six says that MSNBC is looking for Ronan to become a news correspondent and a future Anderson Cooper-style “face of the network” anchor.

Farrow has been in talks with network execs for months, and is set to become MSNBC’s next new face after Alec Baldwin, who premieres his “Up Late” show on Friday.

Farrow’s deal is part of a move to inject new energy into the left-leaning channel, which has struggled due to its focus on opinion rather than breaking news during the election cycle.

While MSNBC reps declined to comment, a network source tells us, “They’re just finalizing the contract. Ronan is not going to get his own show off the bat, but they are going to develop him, have him work on stories and build his TV news credentials. He’ll work across the whole lineup. He’s 25, everybody knows he’s very bright, but he’s not getting his own show — yet.”

Another TV source told Page Six, “This looks very much like an attention-grabbing move. Just as when Anderson Cooper joined CNN, and ­everybody was talking about him being Gloria Vanderbilt’s son, Ronan may be very smart, but he is also a genetic prodigy.”