Why couldn't this have Happen 15 Years Ago?


In my 20+ years in TV News, I spent a couple of years dabbling in sports.  

I was the Executive Producer of a live sports show in Pittsburgh that was on 5 nights a week. I also Produced Pittsburgh Pirates baseball games that aired on WPXI. 

I produced both home and away games and would spend time on the road with the team. This all happened in the mid 90's when in a word the Pirates "SUCKED!" 

Back then the Pirates couldn't beat and egg.

Producing the games was hard, because by the 4th or 5th innings there were losing so bad, that it was hard to even stay awake in the truck.

The highlight of one season was when Pirates outfielder Al Martin got arrested in Arizona for bigamy. He was arrested by now TV Agent Micah Johnson.

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