Stop Hitting on the Anchor and Help End the Shutdown

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It appeared that Republican Rep. Todd Rokita was more interested in hitting on CNN Anchor Carol Costello then he was about ending the shutdown.

Politico writes that in an exchange over the Republican opposition to the Affordable Care Act, Costello told Rokita the American people would prefer Congress to fight over the health care law outside the federal budget, to which the Indiana Republican said "Carol, we seem to be going around in circles."

"Right, we're going in circles ... that's what you guys are doing,” Costello said.

“No, you’re part of the problem. The media is part of the problem as well," Rokita said.

“Oh come on, that’s so easy," Costello said.

“Carol, you’re beautiful but you have to be honest as well," Rokita said, at which points Costello ended the interview with an "OK, I think we should leave it here."

Earlier in their interview Rokita told Costello she looked "much too young" to have grandchildren, but that Republicans were fighting to repeal Obamacare for the benefit of future generations.

After the interview the Congressman released this statement: 

At the end of a spirited and very important debate, I was simply keeping it from unnecessarily ending in an unfriendly or contentious way.  I intended no offense to Ms. Costello.

Costello had this to say about the Congressman: 

Congressman Rokita seemed frustrated by my pointed questions about accepting a paycheck while hundreds of thousands of government workers are not getting paid. It seemed to me Congressman Rokita was trying to deflect these questions with “flattery.” At that point in the interview, it was obvious to me the interview was no longer valuable to my viewers. And, no, I do not think it’s appropriate for a sitting Congressman to use such tactics in any interview with a journalist.

Here's the video: