Sponsor Love - Devlin Design Group


It's Friday, FTVLive is wrapping up our biggest week ever for the website and it's just about time to get the party started. 

This really was a huge week for FTVLive and none of it would have been possible without our awesome sponsors.  Companies like Devlin Design Group.

When FTVLive decided to take this site from behind the paywall, Dan Devlin was one of the first people we reached out to. Dan is a straight shooter and his company quite simply designs the best news sets in the industry.  

One of DDG sets that is getting a lot of buzz is the set they built for KSAZ in Phoenix. The set in a word is "Awesome!"

The KSAZ set lets the news department deliver the news in an exciting, compelling, and dynamic environment.  Anchors are no longer chained to a desk, but encouraged to move around the set to various story telling venues, adding an exciting visual energy to KSAZ’s production value.

“We’ve heard extremely complimentary praises from the directors, producers, and management at KSAZ, as well other FOX O&O’s across the country," Devlin tells FTVLive/   It makes for a great deal of satisfaction and pride when a client takes one of our sets to the edge of the envelope, KSAZ has redefined that edge! We are extremely proud of KSAZ, and everyone at DDG feels privileged to be a part of their success.”

If you haven't seen the KSAZ set, check out this video: