Really Robin?!


FTVLive basically falls out of bed each morning long before the sunrise, we stumble into our home office, slouch into our chain and start banging out your favorite website. Sitting in our chair, we admit we exhibit some of the worst posture and at times have fallen asleep in the chair while working on FTVLive.

Then there's HLN Anchor Robin Meade. 

A while ago, Robin ditched the chair and moved to a stand up desk. Just the thought of standing while doing our work makes us cringe. But Meade took it to another level. 

She has now added a treadmill under her stand up desk. So, while she is approving scripts, she is also burning calories.

Are you kidding me! No wonder why she has such a good body. 

As for FTVLive, we found a couple of Cheetos in our office chair and that means we don't have to get up and go to the kitchen for a snack. 

Take that Robin!