Fired KNBC Staffer Sues Station, NBC


NBC News, Comcast and NBCUniversal are being sued by a former investigative journalist who claims that he was the victim of age discrimination, and was fired after complaining repeatedly about ageism in his workplace.

In the suit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court this week, Frank Snepp claims he began to see a pattern of discrimination against older employees, leading to terminations or retirements, and at one point he was passed over for a promotion to investigative producer “and, instead, younger and less qualified individuals were hired and appointed to the position(s) of investigative producer.”

“Despite his obvious qualifications and experience and expertise as an investigative reporter and producer, Plaintiff’s value to Defedant NBC News was considerably diminished because of his age,” the suit reads. “It is well-known in the television industry that Defendant NBC News has fostered a ‘youth movement’ in recent years.”

Snepp says he was fired in October 2012, at age 69, after repeatedly complaining about ageism at the station.

KNBC nor NBC has not commented on the lawsuit

H/T The Wrap