Fired LA Anchor Reacts to Her Old Boss Getting Sacked


FTVLive first told you that KTTV News Director Kingsley Smith had been fired....errrr.... "Resigned" from the station. 

Smith was the ND for the past couple of years and he was the guy that fired Dorothy Lucey from popular morning show "Good Day LA." He told Lucey that she make his "eyes bleed," before sacking her. 

Now Lucey has a blog post about her reaction that Smith is no more at KTTV. 

Lucey writes:  

"When you don’t have anything nice to say…Blog. 

I’m joking (mostly). 

I (mostly) take the high road. I have taken the high road for so long I have a nose bleed. Which I guess is better than your eyes bleeding.

People ask if I’m thrilled that the guy who fired me “resigned”. I get my thrills elsewhere.I (mostly) don’t wish ill on anyone. I am so damn evolved. Or at least evolving."

Many of us have been in the situation, when you ex-boss is canned. Most of us, like Lucey say that we don't wish bad stuff on anyone, even our asshole ex-boss. 

But, it reality you know how you really feel. 

And we're betting Dorothy Lucey feels the same way. 

Even if she won't say it.