Signing Off in San Antonio


After five years WOIA in San Antonio, veteran anchorwoman Elsa Ramon says she is leaving the station at the end of the year.

"I cannot even describe how bittersweet this is. My husband made a sacrifice for me to come to San Antonio, and now it's time for me to exercise the give-and-take of marriage and let him follow his dream," says Ramon.

Ramon is headed to the Left Coast where she will join her husband Jordan as he begins a new position with the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles. "This is just an opportunity he could not turn down. It's a perfect combination of his passion for politics and love for Israel," says Ramon.

John Seabers, WOAI General Manager and Group Manager for Sinclair Television Texas, says, "We are saddened to lose such a quality professional as Elsa. We know her unique brand of journalism in San Antonio will be missed. Sinclair Broadcast Group believes family comes first, and we feel Elsa is doing the right thing for her family." "While I am so excited for this new adventure, there is a special place in my heart for Beamer, Delaine, Don and John. Each and every day I came to work was a joy," Ramon says. "I will miss what became my family away from home." "We will miss Elsa and her work ethic, sense of humor and her great skills, but are happy she is able to make the right decision for her family," says Seabers.

Ramon's last day will be Friday, December 20th.