ND is Shown the Door in LA

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FTVLive was the FIRST to tell you (everyone else is playing catch up) that KTTV News Director Kingsley Smith was out the door at Fox owned KTTV. 

Smith "Resigned" Yesterday, just hours after FTVLive posted a report about how he had not been seen in the newsroom in over a week.

“After 20 years with Fox Television Stations, Kingsley Smith has resigned from employment with the company and will be pursuing other opportunities," said GM Kevin Hale in a statement. 

Under smith's reign at KTTV, he dismantled the station's popular morning show, firing longtime anchor Dorothy Lucey, telling her that she made his "eyes bleed." 

We're guessing that Lucey's eyes might be smiling Today.  

Smith had been at KTTV since June 2011, coming from Fox’s WTXF Philadelphia.

Assistant News Director Tom Searson is filling the ND role until a placement can be found.