Columbus Reporter Injured while Covering a Story (Updated)

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WSYX Reporter Steve Levine was injured while working on a hidden camera investigation.

Levine was trying to interview a woman that was the target of his report.

Levine confronted the woman as she got into her car.  The woman started backing up even though the driver's door was still open.  Steve's leg was pinned under the car.  The driver took off.

Levine was taken to the hospital where doctors say his leg is broken in 3 places. 

The woman reportedly drove off and cops are looking for her. 

Early this morning a car believed to be connected to the hit-and-run was found by police. 

The station lead their newscast last night with a very biased story about the accident involving "one of their own." You can watch the report here.  

Word is that the station has video of Levine being hit by the car, but they are not airing it. 

You know, because sweeps hasn't started yet.  

Update: WSYX reports that the suspect accused of intentionally striking reporter Levine is now in police custody. Terresa Peters turned herself in to authorities at the Franklin County Courthouse on Wednesday morning, less that 24 hours after she allegedly struck reporter Steve Levine with her blue Honda.