Ummmm... We're Sorry

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It took months, but a Milwaukee station has finally said they are sorry for a misleading report about the actions of a Milwaukee Police officer.  

Back over the Summer, WTMJ did a story that used surveillance video showing Officer Matthew Knight using another man's PIN number to withdraw cash from an ATM. The station screamed in a promotion that the story, reported by Jermont Terry was an "explosive I-Team investigation." Adding "It's the video that will have everyone talking.

The promotion for the story implied misconduct and criminal activity by Knight. He sued the station saying that the station ran the promo "even though staffers knew" he had been cleared of any wrongdoing.

According to the lawsuit, the man who's PIN number Knight used  had smashed a taxicab window and the driver said he would not press charges if the man paid the driver $300.

After the transaction, the man paid the driver who signed Knight's memo book as proof of payment. 

WTMJ finally went on the air with an apology that sounded more like it was written by the station's lawyer than a Producer. 

Here's their on air apology: