Thank You CNN!


FTVLive told you about the traffic we is getting from gun enthusiasts websites. They are overjoyed that CNN is looking for a replacement for Piers Morgan.

After FTVLive broke the news, CNN has been getting a lot of email from people encouraging them to follow through on sending Piers packing.

Here is one email sent to CNN from a gun store owner:  

Dear Sir:

I understand from today that you are discontinuing your association with Piers Morgan, I just want to say, THANK YOU, its about time, I can't think of a big moron that Morgan.  I will start watching CNN again, when he leaves.  And I love Solidate O'Brien.  When your ready to replace Morgan Please consider me, I am a self proclaimed firearm expert. 


Damn! Old Tyres isn't going to be happy when he turns on CNN and sees that Solidate O'Brien is no longer on the network's morning show.  

I wonder if Solidate is related to Soeldad O'Brien?