Ready for the Third Act


Former WLS (Chicago) anchor Joel Daly recently stepped down from his position as the Information Officer of the Federal District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. Now fully retired, he plans to only focus his free time on acting in local stage shows. 

Daly is best remembered by Chicagoans as the beloved news anchor on WLS, where he worked from 1967-2005. He slowly helped that station achieve #1 ratings for its newscasts. His witty comments between less-serious news stories and playful banter between other anchors endeared him to viewers.

He chose to retire from being a news anchor in June 2005, but stayed with the station on a freelance basis as one of its legal analysts. (Daly had become a licensed attorney in 1988.)

In March 2007, Chief Judge James F. Holderman announced that Joel Daly had been named to the position of U.S. District Court Information Officer. The position was a pro bono (unpaid/voluntary) one.

In addition to that spokesperson role, he often emceed ceremonies and events for the U.S. District Court.

Daly, now 79 years old, also purposely let his law license expire over a year ago. Instead, he chooses to enjoy his time staying active in Chicago theater and music productions. 

H/T Chicagoland Radio and Media