Why FTVLive is Not Covering the Shepard Smith is Gay Story


FTVLive has been tipped off countless times to the news that Shepard Smith is gay and dating a guy. 

Other sites have covered the story, all of them following Gawker's lead.  

We have been sent the link to the Gawker stories on Smith about 100 times in the past few days.  

The New York Times picked up on the story Today. 

Some have emailed FTVLive saying that we won't do the stories on Smith because he is a friend of ours. 

So, let me set the record straight.  

It's 2013 and whether someone is gay or not really shouldn't matter. Yes, it is ironic that Smith works for the homophobic Fox News, but still.

This is a guy's personal life and it's really not news that Smith is reported to be dating a dude. If the guy he was dating was a porn actor, criminal or celebirty the story might be worth a mention. 

It Shep was dating some no name woman, no one would bother covering it. FTVLive is not covering the story because it doesn't have an news value what-so-ever.

If Shep starts doing on the giant iPads located on the Fox News Deck, yeah we will be all over that story. But, since the guy is quietly dating another guy, sorry...it's not a story. 

As for Shep and I being friends? That's hardly the case. We worked together in Miami and Smith was a more than capable reporter. In my entire life I don't think we have spoken more than 200 words to each other. 

I don't hate the guy, but I wouldn't exactly call him my friend either. 

And if you have read FTVLive for any length of time, you will see we have called out Smith a bunch of times. 

We just don't think that because the guy chooses to date a guy, it's a story. 

That's our 2 cents on this.