TV Agent Turmoil (Updated)


Sources tell FTVLive that Agent Traci Wilkes Smith up and left Willinger Talent Agency late last week.

Wilkes Smith has been with WTA the past 9 years.  

Word is that Gregg Willinger was calling a number of Wilkes Smith clients on Friday trying to calm the waters and keep the clients on board at WTA.

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 6.49.10 AM.png

Wilkes Smith's bio has been pulled from the Willinger website. Although interestingly, a story about her being named to one of The Network Journals 40 under 40 remains on the site (right). 

No word on why Wilkes Smith bolted the agency?

October has not been a good month for WTA boss Gregg Willinger. Alycia Lane, on of Willinger's top clients was pink slipped from the station earlier this month. 

Now the two agent agency is down one agent and it happened just like that.  

Stay tuned....  

Updated:  While the WTA website pulled Wilkes Smith bio, as we reported this morning, the site still had up a story touting the fact that Wilkes Smith had been named one The Network Journals 40 under 40. After we posted this story, that was also scrubbed from the site.  No word if FTVLive will be paid any money for helping edit the site?