Longtime Anchor Blown Out in the Windy City


There have been a number of changes at Fox owned WFLD over the past quarter century, but one thing has remain the same. 

Robin Robinson has been anchoring Fox Chicago's newscast since the day they started a newscast. 

That's now changing.  

After 26 years, Robinson will be off the Anchor desk at WFLD. 

She my stay after the November book to do special segments, which is what Fox Stations Boss Jack Abernethy alluded to back on October 9th. 

Word is the station will be replacing Robinson with Sylvia Perez, former news anchor and health reporter at WLS-Channel 7. Perez, 52, was dropped last June after the ABC-owned station canceled the 11 a.m. newscast she co-anchored.

Robinson sold her house earlier this year and speculation was her days a Fox Chicago were numbered. 

It appears that was the case.

H/T Robert Feder