It Happens Every Night


Every night when the evening news comes on the air in Phoenix, FTVLive sees a spike in traffic from Google. 

Viewers in Phoenix watching KTVK wonder where longtime anchor Patti Kirkpatrick is?  

He is a just a quick screen shot from our stats program, showing how people came to FTVLive and what they were searching for.  The green letters are exactly what the person typed into Google:

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 7.42.56 PM.png

Back in June FTVLive told you that Kirkpatrick was off the air. We followed the story up in July.  

Then in August we talked about how the KTVK has just left viewers in the dark as to where Kirkpatrick is?  

As we reported, She has been off the air for months. The station refuses to comment and viewers are stuck searching the web to find out what happened to their favorite anchor? 

FTVLive gets thousands of hits every month from people searching the web. wondering what the deal is with the KTVK anchor? 

The station bills itself has a news station, but will not report the news when it comes to one of their own. 

KTVK needs to step up and tell viewers what is going on? 

You just gots to love the communications business.

Oh the irony!!!!