Tampa GM Talks About Leaving LNS Agreement


This morning, FTVLive reported a story posted by Florida News Center about WTSP in Tampa leaving their local news sharing agreement with other stations in town.  

WTSP GM Elliot  Wiser contacted FTVLive and he confirms that the station is bowing out of the LNS agreement. But, he points out that there are actually two agreements and the station is only leaving one.

WTSP will continue to share the Helicopter with WTVT and WFTS. But the station is ending their second LNS agreement to share Photographers and a Reporter.

Wiser says that the Photographers positions are not going away. The three photogs that were part of the LNS are being given the chance to re-apply for newly created jobs at the station. The new Photog jobs will work fully for WTSP and not be shared. "We're not losing staff, we're actually gaining people," Wiser tells FTVLive. 

As for their Tallahassee Reporter Dave Heller, Wiser says he was never a full time employee and that his role was that of a freelancer. Wiser says in the short term they will use Heller, but the station has other plans for what they are going to do in the State's Capitol. The GM says they expect to announce those plans in about a week.

FTVLive has stated many times that we are not fans of any LNS agreements and Wiser pointed out that when he was working across the street he opted out of the LNS.

"Quite frankly, when you look at it, all we were getting were press conferences," Wiser said of the LNS agreement.  

He reiterated that the station is not laying people off and it actuality they are gaining staffers, since they won't have to share them.  

We give him props for getting out of the LNS and think no stations should share video, content or bodies with a competitor.