How Low Can you Go


When WKBW in Buffalo blew up their awful morning show and hired two new anchors, FTVLive doubted that it would make any difference.

We basically said it was like moving the deck chairs around on the Titanic. And we caught flack from the Buffalo News for saying that. 

So, now that the new anchor team of Cole Heath and Tiffany Lundberg have been there for a while anchoring the morning newscast, let's check on how they're doing?

In fact, let's take an article from Today's Buffalo News,  just to be fair.

The News writes:

"It looks like Western New York has made a quick decision on Channel 7's new morning team of Cole Heath and Tiffany Lundberg.

For the last month, the already low ratings for the ABC affiliate's third-rated morning program are down 33 percent from a year ago.

Unfortunately for Heath and Lundberg, Channel 4 changed its “Wake Up!” team by introducing co-anchor Teresa Weakley and meteorologist Todd Santos a few weeks after Channel 7’s makeover in August.

And WNYers appear to like what they have seen from Channel 4's new team, which now is challenging Channel 2’s “Daybreak” team of John Beard, Melissa Holmes and Andy Parker for first place in the morning.

Channel 7 has to be hoping at least the demographics will improve when they are measured when the November sweeps start in a week."

The station's ratings are down 33% from ratings that absolutely sucked a year ago.  

We hate to say we told you so.....ah hell...who are we kidding...we LOVE saying that.