Station Blows Out Newscast to Celebrate Anchor


Many anchors are happy to make it through their 3 year contract, but one Syracuse anchor has been anchoring the news at WSYR for 50 years. 

The station surprised Rod Wood with an on air celebration of his half century of news anchoring. 

WSYR quit delivering the news and turned into into a Rod Wood celebration. 

As the celebration started to eat up more and more air time, Wood cracked jokes about getting back to work with his longtime co-anchor Carrie Lazarus.

Lazarus would have none of it. The celebration wasn't even close to finished.

"We are blowing out the rest of this half hour for you," she said.

"You've got to be kidding me," Wood protested. "They're going to miss a lot of news."

Yeah who cares about the news, we hoodwinked a bunch of celebrities into saying congrats to you. 

We're with Rob, the station just should have stuck with the news. Leave the celebrations for off the air.  

Here's the video: