Sponsor Love - Mediastars


As another week wraps up (don't worry will still update stories this weekend), and it's another web traffic record for FTVLive.

We give a big shout out to the sponsors of FTVLive.

We reached out to only the best companies and asked them to help support this website and they stepped up in a big way.

One of those sponsors is MediaStars Worldwide. The main person behind MediaStars is Micah Johnson.

Micah is one of those guys that has done it all in this business. Working behind the camera, in front of the camera as an anchor and reporter and years in News Management. Johnson makes a great agent because he has been on the other side of the table. 

Micah is also a Social Media Guru. The guy has thousands of followers on social media and seems to post updates 24/7. As an early adopter of  Micah understands the power of Facebook & Twitter to brand and promote clients. This has resulted in many successes and an ability to mentor others in social media strategy. His own use of social media has allowed him to trend  #1 in Washington DC and the U.K.  Social media is an important part of MediaStars' recruiting and communication. 

Micah also knows how important it is to negotiating talent's control of social media in their contracts with TV stations. 

Speaking of your social media account. Check this out.

I'm sure you will learn something about your social media account and what it means to you and your station.