Anchor Not Completely Sold on Commentaries


WOAI (San Antonio) asked longtime Anchor Randy Beamer to start doing commentaries at the end of the late newscasts.

Many anchors would jump at the chance to expound their thoughts to viewers and get some more face time.

Not Beamer.  

“I never thought a news guy should put his opinions on the news,” he said. “I think it’s our job to take them out of news coverage,” Beamer said. 

So why did the station pick him?  “Because I’m old,” the veteran anchor said, “and have covered news here for more than 30 years, they asked me, ‘Why don’t you give a little background or insight on what’s going on?’”

"Beamer's Rant" has aired twice this week.  

The first one was about Washington Shutdown, which seemed like an easy way to start this new segment.  

He concluded by saying his goal with “Beamer’s Rant” is just “to start a conversation” and welcomed other people’s rants as well.

He may not like it, but it looks like he's stuck doing commentaries for a while. Well, at least until the consultants tell him to do otherwise.  

H/T San Antonio Express News