The Mad Blogger's Thoughts on Piers Morgan's Contract


FTVLive told you that earlier Piers Morgan went on Howard Stern's radio show and called me a "mad blogger" and denied that our report on him was not true.

Morgan told Stern that FTVLive's report was wrong and that he recently signed a one year extension to his contract. Which was exactly what FTVLive said in our original story

But, since Piers brought it up, let's talk about his contract. 

As both Piers and FTVLive have said, CNN did extend his contract, for one year. 

Back in 2010, another CNN anchor's contract was coming up and the network also offered the anchor an extension. Anderson Cooper extended his contract with CNN for "years to come." 

Jim Walton, CNN Worldwide President at the time said “I am pleased that Anderson Cooper has extended his relationship with CNN and will be with us for years to come.”  

Yet, CNN only gave Piers a lousy one year. 

Sources tell FTVLive that Morgan's agent John Ferriter has tried shopping Morgan to other TV and cable news outlets. We hear that he hasn't even got a nibble.

So, Ferriter is now doing his best to get CNN and Jeff Zucker to keep Piers on, even if it's not in his original time slot or maybe not even in prime time. Which again, is exactly what we said in our original story.

Piers you have to ask yourself, if CNN was so sold on you, don't you think they would have offered you more than a year on your contract? 

But hey, you don't have to listen to me...I'm just a mad blogger.