Shutdown Was Ratings Winner for Cable News


The idiots in Washington finally ended the ego induced Government Shutdown and now the cable news channels will have to go back to covering George Zimmerman's latest antics.  

But, while the shutdown screwed with many American's lives, it was a ratings boom for the cable news outlets. 

Fox News, showed some huge ratings increases during the shutdown and no one more so than Bill O'Reilly, or as Piers Morgan calls him, Dick. 

On Tuesday night, with the shutdown still going and the debt ceiling about to come crashing down, O'Reilly's show The O’Reilly Factor pulled some huge numbers. 

3.1 million viewers tuned into O'Reilly's show and he pulled his 639,000 in the demos. It was his biggest demo since February  

In fact more people tuned into O'Reilly than watched Fox’s The Mindy Project or ABC's Scandal.

Not bad for a Dick...right Piers?