People Have Said FTVLive Was Wrong Before


While Piers Morgan says FTVLive's report on him is not true and we are just a "mad blogger",  we thought we would use Google's archive search and look back.

Here are some of the other stories FTVLive reported that many said weren't true: 

  • FTVLive reported back in 2008 that the Today Show was going to hire Kathie Lee Gifford for the last hour of Today. At the time TVNewser wrote "An insider adds, it’s not a done deal and that “it could go either way.”"

I forget, how did that one turn out? Oh that's right, Kathie Lee was hired at the Today Show. 

  • In 2006, FTVLive reported that Both Tucker Carlson and Rita Cosby's shows on MSNBC were going to get canceled. A number of media outlets claimed our report was wrong.

Hmmmm? I can't seem to find either one of those shows on the MSNBC schedule. I wonder what happened? 

  • Here's a quote from TVNewser again in 2006 " “ABC has made an offer to WABC’s Sam Champion to do weather on Good Morning America,” sources tell FTVLive. “We expect that ABC will make the Champion announcement very soon. Sources say they have to cross the ‘T’s’ and dot the ‘i’s’ on the contract before the official word will come down.”

We wonder, did anything ever come of that tip? Why yes it did. Sam is now the Champion at GMA.  

  • Back in 2007, TVNewser again wrote this "This morning FTVLive reports that Brown is moving to CNN and taking Paula Zahn‘s spot. As the site puts it: “CNN maybe soon asking ‘What can Brown do for them?’” A couple of e-mailers say they’re hearing similar talk about Campbell and CNN. But “she is meant for a broadcast news program,” one observer thinks. A few days ago, a tipster mentioned rumors that she could head to ABC or CBS’ Early Show."

Ummmm...Yep FTVLive nailed that one as well. Brown went to CNN replaced Paula Zahan and then she got replaced (gulp...Piers). 

  • Then there's this item from the Washington Post "Bill Hemmer, 40, a 10-year CNN veteran who shares morning anchor duties with Soledad O'Brien, did not sound happy that the Web site FTVLive reported last night that he is being replaced on "American Morning." "So CNN leaked word; that's the tactic they've chosen," he said.

I could bore you with a bunch of others, but I think you get the idea. But, before I wrap this up let's go to the granddaddy of them all.

  • From the New York Post  " NBC denied a report today on Web site that Leno’s show was about to be cancelled because of low ratings but it admitted that the show is creating problems for station affiliates. NBC maintains that Leno’s show, which has appeared each weeknight at 10 p.m. since last fall, is generating ratings that are in line with what it guaranteed advertisers. But the show has proven to be a dismal lead-in for the late local news."

Can't remember how that one turned out...can you?