Is 'The View' Looking to Sack Jenny McCarthy?


Talk about short a honeymoon.

Word is that after making her debut just one month ago, it looks like Jenny McCarthy may already be getting axed from ABC's 'The View'.

The former Playboy favourite is turning off viewers due to her controversial style on the chat show, prompting ABC executives to apparently consider letting her go.

A source told Radar: 'ABC has begun doing deep research on Jenny's work on the show and the initial findings are that viewers want to tune out the second she opens her mouth!

'The data has revealed that she is far more off-putting than Elisabeth (Hasselbeck).'

The decision on whether to fire the mouthy blonde is said to lie with old warhorse Barbara Walters, 84, who is retiring from the show next summer.

The insider said: "[Barbara] isn't looking for a replacement for Jenny yet, she is obsessed with ratings and the longevity of the show, so Jenny needs to turn it around or she will be gone.

'If Barbara wants her out, they will buy out her contract. Right now they're just trying to adjust Jenny's performance on the show so that she comes off as more appealing, but that's an uphill battle.'

Stay tuned...