Is Kate Bolduan Zucker's Modern Day Alexis Glick?

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Yesterday, FTVLive reported Exclusively about the trouble behind the scenes at New Day, CNN's latest attempt at a morning show that is relevant.

Boss Jeff Zucker made it clear that the morning show was a top priority when he took over CNN. 

Zucker hired away Chris Cuomo from ABC and promised him that he would build a top notch morning show around him. Zucker planned on pairing Cuomo with Erin Burnett. 

But, as FTVLive FIRST reported, Burnett balked at going to the morning show and Zucker had to find a new female co-anchor to sit along side Cuomo. 

Zcuker turned to 29 year old Kate Bolduan. Bolduan showed herself has a capable reporter and Zucker felt she would make a good anchor.

The network spent millions of dollars promoting and building New Day and it has been nothing short of a dud.

The reviews have not been good and more importantly the ratings have been awful.  

Last week Cuomo told Jeff Zucker that he wants a new co-anchor. 

FTVLive reported that news yesterday and it put the CNN PR department on edge. News outlets and blogs contacted CNN to get confirmation of the FTVLive story. CNN PR is doing all they can to try and calm the waters and downplay our story.  The story has struck a very exposed nerve at CNN. 

As for Zucker, it appears that history is repeating itself.

Back in 2006, Zucker was hell bent on trying to make financial reporter Alexis Glick a star. Like Bolduan, Glick was young and had showed she was a solid reporter. Zucker fast tracked Glick to the Today Show.  

It became quickly clear that Glick was swimming in deep waters and was starting to drown. The Glick experiment on Today ended almost as quickly as it started. 

It was one of many of Zucker's failures at NBC. 

Now, in 2013 it appears that Zucker may have made the same mistake with Bolduan. He rushed her to the line before she was ready.  

And while many could argue that Cuomo might not "be all that" as well, it seems that CNN is more likely to pull the plug on Bolduan than Cuomo. 

No matter how you look at it, New Day is failing and Zucker needs to make a move. But, his hard headiness has cost him dearly in the past.

Will history repeat itself once again? 

Stay tuned...