No?! Really?!

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True story, at 3:22AM this morning, i was awaken by the sound of one of my cats about to be sick. 

Lucky for me I was able to get a towel under her before she threw up at the foot of my bed. 

Now, I'm wondering if I should call WFSB in Hartford and ask if they want to send their Sat-truck to my house to cover the story.

You may remember that FTVLive posted the story last Wednesday about WFSB Weatherman Scot Haney thought he was eating some Grape Nuts off the floor of the news set, but it turned out to be cat vomit.

After FTVLive posted the video it went viral across the Internet.

Then as we reported on Friday, WFSB did team coverage on Thursday's newscasts about Haney eating cat vomit. How this deserved team coverage? We have no clue.

But, the station did not stop there. On Friday night's evening newscasts, WFSB once again covered the story of their weatherman that accidentally ate cat vomit off the floor. 

The lead for their 5:30PM newscast on Friday (two days after their morning weatherman are cat barf) was Scot Haney sitting down for a one-on-one with the co-anchor. WTF?!

The topic of Friday's site down with Haney was to apologize and urge viewers not to eat off the floor.  

And who says you don't learn things from TV news?

No word yet if the cat barf story will spill over into this week. 

Stay tuned....