Did Indy Weather Anchor Really Move the Needle that far?


A story in the Indianapolis Business Journal says that when WISH Weather Anchor crossed the street to WTHR, the ratings rose dramatically for WTHR and tanked for WISH.

The IBJ writes that WTHR posted double-digit ratings gains in all newscasts during September except at noon, versus the same month in 2012. Buchman first appeared Sept. 3. She reports the weather weekdays at 5 p.m., 6 p.m. and 11 p.m.

At the same time, the station’s ascension triggered rain on competitors including WISH-TV Channel 8, from which WTHR hired away Buchman last year.

For example, at 6 p.m., WTHR’s ratings rose 14 percent over September 2012—while WISH’s ratings tumbled 31 percent.

WTHR had a viewer rating of 10.3 percent of all TV households at 6 p.m., while WISH was second at 3.4 percent.

Buchman left WISH in August 2012 and had been off the air for just over a year, per a non-compete clause of her WISH contract.

“They [WTHR] were able to strong-arm WISH. Now it is paying dividends,” said Bruce Bryant, president and creative director of Promotus Advertising.

“I would say that, with the reaction they’ve gotten so far, I would expect to see even more of her on the air. It appears to be working,” said Bill Perkins, of local media-buying firm Perkins Nichols Media.

It's really hard to believe that any anchor could move the ratings needle a combined 45%, but if I was Buchman's agent I would be making sure everyone thought it was all her.  

But, if you look at the lead ins for both newscasts, you will see a similar shift in the ratings.  WISH added the talk show ‘Bethenny,’ from 4 to 5PM and the ratings are awful. 

Either way, Buchman is getting the credit and it will force other stations to try and steal talent away from the competition. And no one is more happy than the TV Agents that Rep the Anchors.